Students with Diverse Learning Needs

CCSP recognises that families of children with differing abilities require targeted advocacy and support.

The Council of Catholic School Parents (CCSP) Special Needs Working Party has developed a valuable resource to assist parents of children with diverse learning needs.

Supporting Diverse Learning in Catholic Schools

A Guide by Parents for Parents

The guide can be downloaded here


Each section of the guide can be separately downloaded

 Your Child's Right to an Education 
 Spiritual Development 
 Preparing the school for your child 
 Preparing Your Child for School 
 Positive Experiences at Primary School
 Success at Secondary School 
 Getting reading for school 

apendix 1

 Conversation Starters 


 Getting Ready for after school activities 


 My Child's team 


 Personalised learning plans 


 Visuals Board


Along with Catholic Schools Parents Australia (CSPA) and Catholic Schools NSW, CCSP made a submission to the 2020 Review of the Disability Standards for Education 2005.